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  Will Hunt London Cues

   Will Hunt has been making fine quality cues under his own name in London, England, since 1983. Before then, Will worked in a small, windowless workshop at Camberwell Green for Dave Hart, making unbranded Snooker Cues and cases as well as doing repair jobs. As Will was generally left alone to do the work he picked up many invaluable skills as well as contacts. He eventually left.

   In 1983 he founded Hunt and O’Byrne, with business partner Dave O'Byrne, which at the beginning of the 1980’s resurrected bespoke hand made cues; and they produced arguably the best cues in the world at the time.
  Hunt & O'Byrne manufactured machine-spliced Red Plate cues, hand crafted Green Plate Cues and Hand crafted Black Plate Cues. They revolutionised cue-making by inventing the 3/4 (butt-jointed) cue, being the first to stain cue shafts (beginning the craze for "mature ash") which Will first attempted with a tea bag, and by being the first to sink name plates into the wood rather than screwing them onto the flat section.


  In the mid-late 80's over 50% of professional Snooker Players were using Hunt & O'Byrne cues, including Jimmy White, Ronnie O'Sullivan, Alex Higgins, John Parrott, Cliff Thorburn, Tony Meo, Mike Hallett and Steve James (to name but a few). 

   In the 1991 world championship final, both Jimmy White and John Parrott were using Hunt & O'Byrne cues; John Parrot won, only to have his championship winning cue stolen at Bangkok Airport.

    After Hunt & O'Byrne officially ended in 1992 Will started "Will Hunt London"; this was different to Hunt & O'Byrne in that every Will Hunt London cue from this era was a Black Plate and had the serial number stamped into the wood above the plate.

   In 2006 Will Hunt partnered up with Robert Osborne, who had been working for Will as an employee    beforehand, and "Hunt & Osborne" began. Hunt & Osborne had 3 grades of cue available: Red Plate, Green Plate, and Black Plate.

   In 2011 Will left Hunt & Osborne to start up Will Hunt London.

  You could offer Will Hunt London cues and accessories.

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