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Maris Volajs - WPBSA (World Snooker Coach)

   Young and talented snooker coach from Latvia. Since 2006 acquired all modern snooker coaching methods, tools and techniques under the personal guidance of one of the leading snooker coaches and former professional player Alan Trigg, England.

   In practicing by those teaching methods and techniques quickly became one of the leading players in Steve Davis vs Volajs - Cue Sport LVLatvia rising to the top of the rankings in 2012. Frequently adding experience in competing at high level amateur tournaments such as the EBSA European Snooker Championships and the IBSF World Snooker Championships.

  In 2011 Māris Volajs became an officially certified WPBSA snooker coach by attending the courses of World Snooker Coaching Programme led by Steve Davis, Terry Griffith and Chris Lovell. 

  Take the first steps and receive guidance and support in improving your snooker in all the fundamental aspects of the game: technique, positional play, break building, tactics and more.

Māris Volajs won Latvian Snooker Championship 2015.


Snooker Academy- Alan Trigg vs Volajs - Cue Sport LV















                                                             Snooker Academy in Sheffield, England with head coach Alan Trigg (3rd from right) and students.



Snooker learning - Vilius Schulte-Ebbert


Vilius Schulte-Ebbert – snooker/pool player TSG ACCRETITED ADVANCED COACH LEVEL 2  

  Vilius Schulte-Ebbert is number 1 ranking player in Lithuania and one of the leading snooker/poolVilius Schulte vs Nic Barrow snooker coaching - Cue Sport LV player in Baltic States and Former Soviet Union countries. First ever Lithuanian who made century break 106 in Lithuanian ranking event competition. Vilius also participating for Lithuania in EBSA European snooker championships and IBSF world  snooker championships. 

Vilius Schulte naujoji akmene - Cue Sport LV

 Vilius has a lot experience as a player but also as snooker/coach. Coaching over 6 years more than 100 students. Vilius acquired all modern coaching methods tools and techniques under the personal guidance one of the leading snooker and former professional player Nick Barrow.





  Vilius coaching methods and tools helped players improve not only technique, knowledge about the game, but also how to prepare mentally for competitions.

Vilius Schulte-Ebbert Main titles and achievements:       

Vilius Schulte bsl - Cue Sport LV

2015 Lithuania snooker champion

2015 LBF Lithuania 9 ball champion

2015 LBF Lithuania 10 ball champion

2016 BPL final stage runner-up

2015,2016 BSL stage winner

Current Lithuania snooker ranking number 1

2018 Baltic League stage 2 winner

2018 Vilnius Cup 10ball champion

2018 9ball teams Vilnius-Kaunas Winner

2018 Lithuania Snooker Champion

2018 10red cup champion

2018 organized big snooker seminar in Ukraine 

2018 EBSA snooker coach