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Cue Sport LV offers a large selection of playing tips as well as break and jump tips.

Welcome to contact us for more info about all the products. All these cue tips are possible to order.

Elk Master, Blue Diamond, Talisman, Blackheart, Samsara, Pure X, Everest, Rei Samurai Black, Pioneer, Bakelite, Le Pro, Predator Victory, Icebreaker Phenolic, Emerald, Dynamite, Kamui, Triumph, Triangle, Onyx LTD by Tiger, Tiger Jump/ Break Tip, Lucchesi Jump/ Break Tip.


Billiard Cue Tips available in Baltic market


Elk Master - one of the most famous billiard cue tips
Elk Master PRO S, M, H - originally developed for professional players, excellent product
Will Hunt (London) - laminated cue tips made by one of the most famous snooker cue makers
Blue Diamond - one of the most popular buffalo leather cue tips made by Brunswick
Fuji made exclusively by Longoni, Fuji pool cue tips are serious for players in the premium tip category.
Everest the main OB Cue partner, very good quality
Tiger famous US pool cue maker offer his own cue tip line
Onyx LTD laminated cue tips are made with the same bore hides as Sniper tips
Kamui Black SS, S, M, H - high standard cue tips made in Japan
Kamui PRO SS, S, M, H  high standard cue tips made in Japan
Kamui Clear Black SS, S, M, H  high standard cue tips made in Japan
Kamui Clear Black M  high standard cue tips made in Japan
Blackheart M BLK very good quality 10 layers leather cue tips
Moori S, M - very popular 8 layers pig skin cue tips 
Pure X  - Lucasi new product are made of 100% Japanese pig skin, held by many to be the finest in the world.
Zan (Japan) tip are high quality laminated leather tips composed of eight or nine layers of pig and hog leather. 
Predator Victory S, M, H 8 layer design holds shape longer, tested by many top professional players
Mike Wooldridge unique cue tips made by famous snooker cue maker Mike Wooldridge
Triangle these Triangle cue tips are a premium hard cue tip known around the world. 
Samsara 9 layer Samsara True Jump Break tip that is legal in most formats
Bake Lite Pool Cue tips are super hard tips that instantly make jumping and breaking balls effortless.
Le Pro these tips are the finest vegetable-tanned Oak Leather tips
Talisman professional layered pig skin tips have been used by top professional snooker players John Higgins and Ronnie O'Sullivan

Fuji Pool Cue Tips -  Cue Sport LV

Blackheart tip - Cue Sport LVKamui cue tip - Cue Sport LVPredator Victory cue tip - Cue Sport LVSamsara Cue Tip - Cue Sport LV

   Emerald tip - Cue Sport LV.        Longoni cue tip - Cue Sport LV

Blackheart tip - Cue Sport LV


Billiard chalk

  • Triangle Pro Chalk the professional version of the world's most popular snooker chalk. The world's best known and most respected chalk making company. 
  • Triangle Snooker or Pool Cue Chalk is widely considered to be the most prestigious chalk, Triangle has a 75 year reputation
  • OB Chalk 2 cube box set. Over a year of research has resulted in this premium billiard chalk from OB Cues
  • Master Billiard cue chalk is the most popular cue tip chalk on the market today
  • Blue Diamond chalk 2 piece box is used by top professional and amateur players the world over created from a Longoni secret formula for over 30 years. 
  • MEZZ Smart chalk - Single (Patent Pending) Consistency and reassurance in a competitive-preferred profile.
  • Magic chalk made in Russia the Magic chalk is getting great individuals review about how it applies and how many hits it takes before a miscue
  • Predator chalk 1080 octagon shape chalk 5 piece tube. Driven by innovation and tested by top pros, it's Pure performance chalk.
  • Navigator Premium chalk masterpiece cue tip chalk. This Navigator chalk is designed to offer more grip on the ball to give you that extra needed spin and control without leaving the cue ball a marked up. 
  • Kamui chalk - the purpose of this is to maximize the friction and offer a larger sweet spot to generate more spin to the cue ball.
  • Sniper chalk created in Ukraine superb cueball grip
  • Pioneer chalk a more cost effective chalk for clubs & pubs available in six colours

OB Billiard Chalk

OB Chalk Pack blue - Cue Sport LVOB Chalk Pack green - Cue Sport LVOB Chalk Pack tan - Cue Sport LVOB Chalk Display Box 24 pack-  Cue Sport LV

We often get asked by players to come out with new products and by far the most common request we have gotten over the last few years is for a premium OB Chalk. So we spent the last year working directly with a new chalk manufacturer in China to come up with a chalk that we hope will be considered by players to be a premium chalk. Something that players would try and hopefully perceive as being as good or better than many of the other premium chalk brands on the market. OB CUES


  We have had several players in the Dallas area test the chalk over the last 6 months and the feedback we have gotten from them has been great. We are not trying to reinvent the wheel and we are not claiming to have the best chalk in the industry. However, we do believe that it will rank quite highly and will give players one additional choice in the chalk brand that they choose to use (which is always a good thing). We are first and foremost a pool cue manufacturer and that will always be our main focus but fans of our products have asked us for chalk for years now so we felt it was time to deliver. Text by OB Cues


The new OB Billiard Chalk is here! If your looking to get serious about your game then be equipped with OB Chalk. This pool cue chalk is built for ultimate performance. OB chalk will helps maintain consistency in all your shots while delivering confidence in your game. Always remember to use OB chalk before you shoot, and raise your level of play. This OB Chalk features:


  • 48 Piece Box
  • Helps maintain consistency in your shots
  • Decreases miscuing
  • Adheres to all leather tips

OB Chalk comes in a two piece box. It is now in stock at Cue Sport LV your favorite billiard retailer.


Blue Diamond cha;k- Cue Sport LV




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