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DIGICUE Training Aid - available in Baltic market!


 A truly revolutionary electronic cue training device for improving player performance through DigiCue-Action Aid- CUE SPORT LVstroke consistency and accuracy. Aligned with OB Cues mission to help players get serious about their game, this patent pending training aid will benefit novices and professionals alike.

Simply slide the DigiCue onto the butt end of your cue, push the power button and then play your game of choice. This device is like having your own personal coach giving you immediate feedback on every shot that you shoot by alerting you with vibrations when it detects any inconsistencies in your stroke.

Detects (with vibrations)

• Jab strokes

• Steering


• Body english

• Standing up during stroke


• 3 unique settings: novice, intermediate and  advanced modes

• Discreet and lightweight (less than an ounce)

• Can be used when you train/practice and also during competition*

• Comes with two sizes to fit the vast majority of Pool, Snooker, and Carom cues

• Automatically shuts off after 5 minutes of not hitting a ball to maximize battery life

• Battery included

• Made in the USA

*Please note that it is quite possible that the DigiCue may be prohibited by certain leagues or event organizers as it becomes more well known and that is okay. Remember, it is a training aid designed primarily to be used when you train/practice. It is just a nice bonus that it also work during normal game play. So use it when you train and when you play challenge matches against your friends and it will help you to develop stronger fundamentals. 


DIGICUE Training Aid 5 - Cue Sport LV

DIGICUE Billiard Training Aid Frequently Asked Questions



What is the DigiCue?

The DigiCue is a small electronic coach that fits inside of a custom rubber housing and attaches to the butt end of any pool, snooker, Russian billiard or carom cue.

What does the DigiCue do?

Simply slide the DigiCue onto the butt end of your cue, push the power button, and then play the game of your choice. The DigiCue constantly monitors your stroke for inconsistencies and gives you immediate feedback by silently vibrating when it detects:

- Jab strokes

- Steering

- Body english or movement

- Standing up during your stroke

Do I need to hit a ball to get the DigiCue to work?

Yes. The DigiCue will only trigger if the tip of your cue impacts a billiards ball. It will not trigger on warm-up strokes, chalking the tip, moving a ball with your cue shaft or impacts with your hand.

How will the DigiCue help me?

 The DigiCue will force you to bear down on every shot. It will condition you to keep your head and body still during your follow through, leading to a lasting improvement in the consistency of your stroke.

What comes in each box?

 Each box contains one electronic DigiCue (battery included), one small rubber housing, and one large rubber housing. The small rubber housing will fit snooker cues (with or without a chamfer) and very small diameter pool cues. The large rubber housing will fit all other cues.

What do I need to do before I use the DigiCue?

 1) First, choose one of the two rubber housings that best fits the butt of your cue.

2) With the battery facing downwards, insert the DigiCue module into the rubber housing so that the power button notch is aligned with the center of the OB logo.

3) Continue pressing the DigiCue towards the bottom of the housing until it securely snaps into place.

How do I put the DigiCue on my cue?

 Slide the rubber housing all the way onto the butt end of your cue so that your cue is in direct contact with the plastic body of the DigiCue.

How do I turn on the DigiCue?

 Press the Power Button Circle once to turn on the DigiCue. The DigiCue will vibrate a number of times, indicating which of the three modes it is currently set to:

Mode 1 - One vibration: Novice mode (lowest sensitivity)

Mode 2 - Two vibrations: Intermediate mode (medium sensitivity)

Mode 3 - Three vibrations: Advanced mode (highest sensitivity)=

How can I tell which mode the DigiCue is set to?

 At any time, pressing the Power Button Circle once will cause DigiCue to report which

mode it is set to.

How do I change modes?

 At any time, press the Power Button Circle five (5) times within three (3) seconds to cycle to the next mode. The DigiCue will remember which mode it was in after it has turned off, even if the battery is removed. 

How do I turn off the DigiCue?

 The DigiCue will automatically turn off five (5) minutes after the execution of your last shot.

How long does the battery last?

 The battery will last for approximately 40,000 shots.

How do I change the battery?

Remove the DigiCue from the housing, and squeeze the retention clip on the battery holder to release the battery. Insert, positive-side-up, a common non-rechargable CR2032 lithium ion battery. Return the DigiCue to the rubber housing of your choice.

How do I remove the DigiCue from the housing?

Place your thumb just below the letter E in DigiCue right where the rubber meets the curved bottom and push with your thumb. DO NOT attempt to remove the DigiCue by pushing up from the very bottom of the rubber housing as this could damage the DigiCue. For a video showing exactly how to remove the DigiCue, see HERE.

Is there a video of the DigiCue available?

Yes. You can view it on our YouTube channel HERE.

How much does the DigiCue weigh?

 The DigiCue and rubber housing together weigh a maximum of 0.8 ounces.

What are the inner dimensions of the DigiCue housings?

 The small housing inner diameter is 1.1". The large housing inner diameter is 1.22". Both housings have a mating contact length of 1.65" when the DigiCue is inserted.

Does the DigiCue react differently for different types of flaws?

 No. The DigiCue will vibrate the same way for all types of flaws, but it will vibrate immediately as they happen. We did experiment with different vibration patterns for different flaws but it turned out to be more distracting than it was useful. Knowing exactly when the flaw occurs is just as effective. 

Does the DigiCue wirelessly connect to a smartphone or app?

 No, the DigiCue is a self-contained device.

Why would I buy a DigiCue when I can use a coke bottle?

 The age-old practice of stroking your cue into the mouth of a glass coke bottle to learn how to straighten your stroke is an effective drill, but it can only be done as a drill. DigiCue acts like an invisible coke bottle, allowing you to actually hit a cue ball and play real pool, snooker, carom, or any cue sport of your choice, even during a match. 

Will the DigiCue be falsely triggered by the use of spin or English?

 No. DigiCue measures "straightness" relative to the cue stick line, not the shot line. Therefore, if you apply back-hand-English to pivot the cue at an angle to the shot path, but stroke exactly in the direction that the cue stick is pointing, then DigiCue will not register this as a fault. This is important because many shots have spin applied to them. However, if you swoop or steer the cue to create English, then this is a fault.

Do I need to keep the DigiCue oriented in the same way to use it?

 No. DigiCue can be used in any orientation. 

Does the DigiCue require calibration?

 No calibration is ever required.

Will the resonance of the cue stick affect the accuracy of DigiCue?

 No. Harmonic resonances are digitally filtered out before the signal reaches the main algorithm. DigiCue will behave the same way on any cue, independent of the manufacturer.

Will tapping the cue ball or chalking the cue cause a false trigger?

 Very rarely. In the algorithm there is a discriminator that can tell the difference between a true cue ball strike and other perturbations.

How much does the DigiCue cost?

 MSRP is $99.99.

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